PSSG - Prague Sogetsu Study Group

    Sogetsu School

The Sogetsu school was founded in 1927 by Sofu Teshigahara. He maintained the classic Ikebana rules for basic arrangements, but he also offered possibilities for individual orginality and creativity.

The Prague Sogetsu Study Group was founded in 1995. Besides the organising of ikebana exhibitions and demonstrations we are meeting regularly each 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month in the centre of Prague, in Palace Lucerna. We welcome all ikebana fans and also guests from other ikebana schools staying in our city for limited period of time who wants to enjoy ikebana with us.

We will be happy to welcome you too!


Ikebana is the ancient art of arranging flowers, cultivated for ages, especially in Japan. The development of the art is on-going. The connexion with nature and the experience of the seasons are important. Till today a number of age-old basic rules are applied. Ikebana is a discipline (also) based on the attitude to life of Zen Buddhism: what counts are the process and the experience and not the result. Feelings recalled by nature, materials, colours and emotions are reflected in the arrangements. In Ikebana esthetical elements like harmony, simplicity, asymmetries, the sense of nature and transitoriness from Zen and from the Japanese culture are visible.